„Made in Croatia“ railway sensors in China

17. February 2023.
Three years ago we completed the delivery of the first large series of M sensors, products of our own development and manufacture, in Wuhu, China. In a city of 3.7 million inhabitants, as far from Shanghai as Zagreb is from Split, the world’s largest railway companies Bombardier (Alstom) and CRRC are jointly building a new […]
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Teacher on internship at ALTPRO

27. April 2022.
As part of the initiative “Teachers in companies – internships for teachers” last week we hosted a teacher from the Crafts School Koprivnica for a two-day internship. Teacher Neven is an electrical engineer and works on workshop exercises and practical classes. Read in our blog how he managed in ALTPRO! Teacher experience Through practical work […]
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Big project for the Cairo monorail in Egypt

10. February 2022.
The monorail is a reliable mode of transport that meets society’s needs for greater mobility and increased care for the environment. It is fast, safe, attractive and designed to relieve mass traffic, especially in large cities that are congested with road traffic. There are close to 50 monorail systems around the world that reliably transport […]
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Team building: hike to Sljeme

30. September 2021.
We had the idea of ​​a trip to Sljeme for some time and we finally managed to organize it on September 11 and enjoy a beautiful sunny day. The guide through this adventure was our colleague and experienced mountaineer Marko Crnić. Read in this blog which way we went and how it was on the […]
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“The most innovative exporter” – our recipe for success

14. September 2021.
Our long-term investment in the development of innovative products and their placement in numerous markets have been awarded the „Golden Key“ award for the most innovative exporter in 2020. By awarding the “Golden Key”, all winners are given recognition for their hard work in sales and exports to foreign markets. The award for the most […]
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Internships and student employment

16. April 2021.
We recently participated in Career Week organized by the University North where we introduced ourselves to students and many other event participants. We talked about our company and what are the opportunities for students through internships and further employment. This is just one example of various programs where we have actively participated to bring our […]
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How did we become the largest Croatian exporter to India?

23. October 2020.
Our journey to the Indian market started almost 15 years ago, and the first real projects started only recently after obtaining all the necessary permits, testing and overcoming other obstacles. The Indian market is the largest in the world for the products we make and so we have become the first company from SE Europe […]
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Altpro_Roštiljada-team building

Our traditional ALTPRO barbecue event

21. September 2020.
Our ALTPRO barbecue event is traditionally held at the beginning of autumn. Unfortunately, this year, due to epidemiological measures, we skipped that event. But that’s why we decided to reminisce about our previous barbecue events, hoping to be able to continue this tradition again next year. A little bit of sports, little bit of good […]
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We participated in the B2B run race in Zagreb

3. October 2019.
We participated, for the first time, in the B2B Run in Zagreb. This largest business race is being run in the capital for the fifth time, and more than 8,000 runners from 448 companies gathered on Lake Jarun, who together ran more than 40,000 kilometers. The focus of this sports and business event is not […]
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Celebrating our 25th birthday

21. June 2019.
We officially marked 25 year anniversary of work during which we grew from five employees in the Technology Park of Zagreb into a company of 150 employees that exports its innovations in the field of railway signaling and safety to almost 50 countries. Our most active markets are in Southeast Europe and Southeast Asia, where […]
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