Fail-safe level crossing control by ALTPRO

4. April 2014.
Railway level crossings have since they were first built, been hazardous, and have claimed the lives of many who misjudged the speed of an approaching train. Now, in an attempt to improve safety at level crossings, a Croatian company, Altpro, has developed an advanced electronic level crossing safety system that has been extensively tested and […]
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Modernization of the level crossing control systems by the new modern train detection systems designed for SIL4 level according to CENELEC standards

22. February 2013.
Abstract: Different solutions and applications related to modernization and upgrading of the already existing level crossing protection systems are presented in this article, in terms of replacing the old train detection systems with the new ones (based on the state-of-art modern train detection solutions) designed for SIL4 safety level according to the standards EN 50126, […]
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New Solution for Switching ON/OFF the Level Crossing System

31. July 2007.
Summary: There are many level crossing systems that use punctual double-channel wheel detection for switching on/off the level crossing, usually combined with short audio frequency track circuit, loop or axle counting section for detection of the train stopping on the road area. Today, there are even better ways to activate/deactivate the level crossing, for example […]
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