Level Crossing Protection System RLC23 by ALTPRO

15. January 2019.
Railway level crossings (rail and road intersections) have always been hazardous places and have claimed the lives of many who misjudged the speed of an approaching train. As an innovative and safety oriented company, ALTPRO’s mission is to reduce the risk and improve the level of safety at level crossings. The ALTPRO’s solution is called […]
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Opening of the innovation and development center ODRA 2

27. April 2018.
ODRA 2, our new innovation and development center, was officially opened on April 27 in Zagreb.  We have now expanded our business to 3 locations: ODRA 1, ODRA 2 and Mechatronics factory “Vrbovec” in a total of 4700 m2 of working space. The opening of the new center brings a significant expansion of innovation, development […]
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Opening of two new Code clubs for children

17. April 2018.
Through the project „Croatia Creates“, and in cooperation with the company STEMI, we opened on April 16 and 17, 2018, two new Code Clubs in Slavonski Brod and Velika Gorica. Code Club is a global volunteer network of free programming clubs for children, and their establishment in Croatian cities is part of expanding the network […]
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INDUSI autostop system type RAS 8385 safety solution for conventional rail

5. February 2018.
INDUSI (Punktförmige Zugbeeinflussung – PZB) is the most widespread automatic train stop system in the world. It has been installed on over 75 000 km of railway track just on the conventional European Railways (excluding, private operators and metro railways around the world). One of the reasons for its success is the fact that it […]
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Protection of level crossings on local Railways in Austria

4. April 2017.
There are many small railways in Europe operating regional passenger and freight transport. Sometimes they are physically separated from main lines due to narrow gauge, which is often a case in Austria. Their specific characteristics are: short trains, many small stations, short distance between stations and short headway between trains. Due to limited financial resources […]
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Fail-safe level crossing control by ALTPRO

4. April 2014.
Railway level crossings have since they were first built, been hazardous, and have claimed the lives of many who misjudged the speed of an approaching train. Now, in an attempt to improve safety at level crossings, a Croatian company, Altpro, has developed an advanced electronic level crossing safety system that has been extensively tested and […]
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Modernization of the level crossing control systems by the new modern train detection systems designed for SIL4 level according to CENELEC standards

22. February 2013.
Abstract: Different solutions and applications related to modernization and upgrading of the already existing level crossing protection systems are presented in this article, in terms of replacing the old train detection systems with the new ones (based on the state-of-art modern train detection solutions) designed for SIL4 safety level according to the standards EN 50126, […]
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New Solution for Switching ON/OFF the Level Crossing System

31. July 2007.
Summary: There are many level crossing systems that use punctual double-channel wheel detection for switching on/off the level crossing, usually combined with short audio frequency track circuit, loop or axle counting section for detection of the train stopping on the road area. Today, there are even better ways to activate/deactivate the level crossing, for example […]
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