30 years of company Altpro

2. February 2024.

The company ALTPRO was founded in 1994 in the first Technology Park in Croatia, which means that this year company celebrates 30 years of its business! In the beginning of its development, ALTPRO consisted of a group of enthusiasts, who were active in the field of industrial electronics. By collecting knowledge and experience, fueled by sheer will and love towards electronics, it soon became clear what ALTPRO wanted to be in the future – globally recognized company in the field of railways.


Since its founding date, ALTRO has come a long way. From a small enterprise which fought for its place on the market, through a period of intensive development and finally to one of the global factors in the area of railway signalling and automatic train protection systems.

ALTPRO can proudly highlight the following results from the period 1994-2024:

  • 30 years of experience in research, development and production in railway sector
  • Over 1500 developed devices, circuits and components based on own knowledge and experience
  • Over 200 employees and a number of Croatian subcontractors
  • Products exported in 53 countries on all 6 continents
  • The largest technology company in the branch in SE Europe


Some of the most interesting projects that ALTPRO is currently working on are related to the detection of specific railway vehicles, so-called monorails and APMs, in the USA, China and Egypt. Also, India is one of the largest markets for axle counters in the world and ALTPRO is one of the few approved suppliers of such equipment. Two very interesting projects are currently being worked on in Great Britain, one on infrastructure and the other on vehicles. It concerns the modernization of the British railways’ level crossings and the delivery of new ATP systems for the Stadler company for the new metro vehicles in Newcastle.

As for Croatia, ALTPRO is part of a large railway reconstruction project from Križevci via Koprivnica to the national border as an integrator of the entire SS and TK subsystem in a consortium with Alstom. In addition to this, currently the largest infrastructure project in the Republic of Croatia, ALTPRO is working on 3 large projects for the construction of level crossings and on equipping the fleet of HŽI vehicles with ATP devices.

2024 GOALS

In 2024, ALTPRO plans to open a new production facility on 3,500 m2 in Velika Gorica, and thus a large increase in production capacity and further growth in the number of employees. This important investment will mark a new era in the development of the company, which will enable ALTPRO to venture into new business and development directions.

Preparations have also started for the largest fair of the railway industry, Innotrans 2024, which will take place in September in Berlin, where ALTPRO will present newly developed products on which it is intensively working and confirm its place among global players in the railway industry.

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)