Signalling systems applications

ALTPRO produces a variety of signalling systems, including 2 flagship products – Level Crossing Protection System RLC23 and BO23 series Axle Counting Systems. These products have certain roles in the development and management of railway traffic. Beside standard tasks which these systems fulfill, there is a lot more how ALTPRO can accustom its signalling systems to be a basis for safe and reliable railway process.


INDUSI based automatic train protection applications

INDUSI based automatic train protection systems RAS8385 (I60 principle) and RAS90 (PZB90 principle) are designed to increase the overall safety of railway traffic. These systems encompass a variety of complementary systems like dead man’s system, event recording, wheel lubrication, etc. A lot of custom options which are needed by our Customers are something ALTPRO has a lot of experience with.

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)