Zvonimir Viduka was re-elected as deputy president of the Zagreb Chamber of Commerce

5. February 2024.

At the Constituent Session of the Economic Council of the Zagreb Chamber, Zvonimir Viduka, owner and director of the company Altpro, was re-elected as Deputy President of the Economic Council of the Zagreb Chamber for the new mandate from 2024 to 2028. As President Josip Zaher has already been previously elected, the election of Zvonimir Viduka as deputy marks the beginning of a new convocation of the Economic Council of the Zagreb Chamber.

In his statement at the session, President Josip Zaher emphasized that the Economic Council will continue the tradition of excellence, taking into account the experiences gained. He emphasized that continuity and evolution are key to progress and pledged to maintain high standards of work while bringing in fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. Their mission is clear – to develop an economic ecosystem that encourages the growth and prosperity of members and the wider community.

The Economic Council of the Chamber of Zagreb also elected 15 new members of the HGK Assembly for the mandate from 2024 to 2028, representatives of the companies ALD Automotive d.o.o., Altpro d.o.o., Auto Hrvatska d.d., Badel 1862 d.d., Croatia osiguranje d.d., HP Hrvatska pošta d.d., INA Industrija nafte d.o.d., Konzum plus d.o.o., Metal Product d.o.o., Meteor group – Labud d.o.o., Real grupa d.o.o., Neurospine Special Hospital, Školska knjiga d.d., Tekstilpromet d.d. and Terra Ultra d.o.o.


Source: HGK

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