Opening of two new Code clubs for children

17. April 2018.

Through the project „Croatia Creates“, and in cooperation with the company STEMI, we opened on April 16 and 17, 2018, two new Code Clubs in Slavonski Brod and Velika Gorica. Code Club is a global volunteer network of free programming clubs for children, and their establishment in Croatian cities is part of expanding the network and increasing the number of places where children and young people can acquire knowledge within the STEM related field.

Positive impressions from the opening of Code Clubs, as well as satisfaction with the project activities so far, were shared by our marketing manager Tin Viduka: “We are extremely pleased to contribute to a better future for young people by encouraging their proactivity and entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that after the workshops they will be able to better cope with new challenges using technology. At each workshop, we see how much children want new knowledge and skills, especially to ‘revive’ their work and manage it, and that is exactly what their knowledge of robotics and programming allows them to do“.

They have all the necessary resources to get acquainted with the STEM related field, from the presence of volunteers who transfer knowledge, online learning materials to equipment such as Hexapod robots. Just some of the interesting projects during the workshops are projects for programming in Scratch, web design, programming in Python, for Microbit, Raspberry Pi, Sense Hat, etc.

Code clubs – free programming clubs for children

The project is accompanied by a website where the author’s videos of children are published to present and promote their work, but also serves as a platform for their connection, thus expanding their horizons and cooperation.


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