Opening of the innovation and development center ODRA 2

27. April 2018.

ODRA 2, our new innovation and development center, was officially opened on April 27 in Zagreb.  We have now expanded our business to 3 locations: ODRA 1, ODRA 2 and Mechatronics factory “Vrbovec” in a total of 4700 m2 of working space.

The opening of the new center brings a significant expansion of innovation, development and production capacities in both production lines: signaling and safety devices for infrastructure and safety devices for vehicles. The investment will open more than 75 new jobs of all qualifications in the field of development, sales and marketing, engineering, production and quality control, as well as additional jobs with subcontractors.

Our Director, Zvonimir Viduka, said that innovation for export and investment in employee development are the fundamentals of ALTPRO’s success:“ We do not worry for the frequency of orders because now we are able to take on much bigger projects and carry them out successfully. We are already working on other innovative products according to the demand of the world market. Our export is continually growing and the new capacity brought us new potential customers.“ Mr. Viduka also emphasized that this is the second investment of this kind in the last six years for ALTPRO which makes the company the largest producer of safety and signalling equipment in this part of Europe.

The investment was financed by HBOR funds from the INVENTIONS program, a guarantee from HAMAG-BICRO and grants from EU funds through the program of the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts – “Competence and Development of SMEs.” A third of the investment was used to invest in equipment for research and development, as well as a 100% increase in production capacity. The new center enables shorter development, production and delivery times, greater precision and timely responses to customer needs.

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)