Internships and student employment

16. April 2021.

We recently participated in Career Week organized by the University North where we introduced ourselves to students and many other event participants. We talked about our company and what are the opportunities for students through internships and further employment. This is just one example of various programs where we have actively participated to bring our way of working closer to students.

For years, we have had excellent cooperation with numerous faculties through our participation in Career Weeks, various projects and events at faculties and internships. In addition to the aforementioned University North, we mostly cooperate with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences and other related faculties. At FER we have been successfully participating in Career Speed Dating for years, as well as in the Summer internship program, where 10 years ago we were one of the founders of Summer internships as members of the Economic Council of the Institute for Electronic Systems and Information Processing.


Through internship, we enable students to see what it is like to be a part of our work environment and to get acquainted with our culture and rules of work. Through the internship, they acquire practical knowledge and skills that will make them more competitive in the market and certainly make it easier to look for their first job, and of course it is possible that this will be at our company. At ALTPRO, we believe that students contribute to our business environment through their internships, bring new ideas and help overcome challenges. In the end, we gain a young professional workforce for our team on that way.

Hundreds of interns passed through ALTPRO, and several dozen is employed. We see this as a great success and a privilege that we have successfully introduced them into the world of work.

Impressions of our students

“At ALTPRO, I like working on a concrete and interesting project with clear requirements and goals. Working on it, together with the always available mentor, enables a faster understanding of the ambiguities and solving problems. It also facilitates the initial part of getting to know the company and working in it. All my expectations have been met and I can say that it is nice to work here. Bonus: the food on the lunch break is great. ”

Tomislav Gregurić, 5th year of FER (Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering)

“ALTPRO allows me flexible working conditions from the beginning of my employment, and thus a full commitment to university obligations when needed. The impression of working at ALTPRO is therefore excellent, and in addition, proactive students are offered numerous opportunities for professional and personal development through daily challenging tasks. Working at ALTPRO has also allowed me to put the learned theory into practice, but also to have the experience of practice help me to understand new theoretical concepts. The atmosphere is always more than pleasant, and the team is to be desired! All in all, working at ALTPRO exceeded all my expectations I had before I started working and I look forward to future challenges. ” 

Filip Jagar, 4th year of the Faculty of Economics (Department of Analysis and Business Planning)

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)