„Made in Croatia“ railway sensors in China

17. February 2023.

Three years ago we completed the delivery of the first large series of M sensors, products of our own development and manufacture, in Wuhu, China. In a city of 3.7 million inhabitants, as far from Shanghai as Zagreb is from Split, the world’s largest railway companies Bombardier (Alstom) and CRRC are jointly building a new metro route using monorail technology, while installing our M sensors.

The monorail railway

The business with monorails is very important for the entire railway industry because China alone has 65 cities with more than a million inhabitants and another 360 with up to a million inhabitants. The monorail railway is built on one concrete track, and lately it has proven to be the most practical and affordable way to build a public city transport.

M sensors development

Our M sensor is the first sensor of its kind in the world for the detection of trains in light or urban railways, the so-called monorails. It works on a similar principle as wheel detection sensors on a regular railway. However, it is the only product in the world that managed to solve the specific problems of such an application and thus ensured precision in operation, and it is the only one that is adaptable to different versions of public transport from monorail, metro, APM and beyond. The M sensor met all the customer’s requirements and passed all the tests in cities such as Paris, Macao, Wuhu and Hiroshima, where it was tested in cooperation with the largest Japanese company, Mitsubishi.

“Compared to other projects of the company, it is certainly one of the largest and most attractive. Our railway projects are perennial – long-lasting negotiations, solution development, implementation, harmonization and finally commissioning. We have been working on this project for several years, and it will serve as a great example for other customers, since it is the first solution of this type in the world. And that is a complete solution from Croatia” said director Zvonimir Viduka related to this large project in China.

The development of M sensors lasted for many years , but the effort paid off – we won numerous awards and prizes for innovation, we participated in various fairs and events, and the growing interest of companies in new large markets (China, Japan, USA, Indonesia).

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)