Fail Safe Data Transmission

Fail safe data acquisition, transmission and distribution FSDT12

FSDT12 is used for fail-safe digital signal acquisition, evaluation and transmission of data through anymedia for digital data transfer, using third-party devices as bridge to the desired communicationchannel.


The main purpose of FSDT12 devices is to safely transfer a certain amount of single - bit data from one location of railway signalling equipment to another such location, in both directions. 12 parallel digital inputs are constantly scanned in a safe manner, multiplexed and transmitted to an adjacent FSDT12 device and converted into parallel data bits for the adjacent FSDT12 outputs


The device is developed and certified according to standards EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 for the highest safety integrity level SIL4, as well as EN 50125 - 3 for environmental conditions and EN 50121 - 4 for EMC. FSDT12 is assessed and certified by Cert ifer Italia SrIU. It is designed for use in a closed transmission system according to EN 50159, Category 2.


There is no need for complex maintenance activities. Device maintenance includes a periodical review of the installed equipment. Reviews include a simple and fast check of proper function of FSDT12 digital inputs and outputs circuits through corresponding LED indications.


The FSDT12 has two redundant Ethernet RJ45 ports for communication. The device can be easily connected to a network through standard network equipment. Direct use of dark fibres in optical cable with Ethernet/Fibre converters, or copper twisted pair cables with Ethernet/DSL converters, or existing railway telecommunication network (SDH or similar). All mechani sms of protection, information integrity, information security and fail safe operation are implemented within FSDT12 itself and do not depend on used communication bridge device, transmission media or ommunication channel.

System benefits


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