BO23-MTA Axle Counter

BO23-MTA Axle Counter

BO23-MTA is a multi-section based axle counter system used for train detection in a wide range of applications. The flexibility of the system makes it ideal for specific applications like rubber-tyred metro, regular metro, APM, monorail, outer side of rail tram detection or similar, always maintaining the highest level of performance.


The system is highly adaptable according to specific customer requirements. „M“ sensor series is specifically designed to be able to detect different unconventional types of trains. By processing raw analogue signals from wheel sensors, the system retrieves overview of specific application environment. BO23-MTA system shows exceptional results in railwheel distinguishing from other metal objects and adaptation to environmental influences like temperature change, EMI, overvoltage, traction currents, different rail and wheel/train profiles, worn-out flanges and rails. Furthermore, implemented self adjustment to aging of system components and preventive maintenance features increase the availability of the system.


High availability levels are achieved using advanced system intelligent processes for self-adjustment and project specific adjustments in order to have best operation in each particular application. BO23-MTA is certified according to the relevant CENELEC standards (EN50238, EN50126, EN50128, EN50129, EN50121-4, EN50125-3) and latest EU legislation satisfying safety integrity level SIL4.


There is no need for complex maintenance works. System maintenance includes periodical reviews of installed indoor and outdoor equipment. Reviews include simple and fast checks of sensor and evaluator using tools which are easy to operate. There are no active components beside the track, only overvoltage protection. Preventive maintenance features are implemented at counting point level (wheel sensor – UP2-A module).


System analytics is designed to be user friendly and may be done by the Customer independently using software for diagnostics. Diagnostics can be accessed locally or remotely.


Possibility of interfacing with relay and electronic signalling systems. Output information is sent by safety relays. Safety direction outputs are also available. If SEC module (remote communications module) is used, Ethernet RJ45 connection of the SEC module is available for connection to a certain network.

System benefits


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