Train detection system UTR/ITR

Train detection system UTR/ITR

Train detection system UTR/ITR is using ALTPRO wheel sensing technology for train detection. It is characterized by exceptional simplicity in operation, installation and maintenance. This reliable solution is ideally used in simple train detection applications for activation and triggering of any kind of a system.


UTR/ITR system is using ALTPRO inductive wheel sensor technology for detection of the arriving train. It is an ideal replacement for old mechanical or magnetic switch on / switch off detectors, track circuits or loops.


Train detection system UTR / ITR is certified for harsh environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, pressure, vibrations and shocks) according to EN50125-3.


The system requires simple maintenance with periodic checks which include voltage measurements and other simple maintenance activities.


UTR / ITR provides relay outputs and transistor/optocoupler outputs whose activation delays are time configurable. Transistor / optocoupler outputs enable UTR / ITR to be used as an interface between ALTPRO wheel sensors and other systems like HOT BOX, train weighing systems and similar.


The possibility of connecting data logger which enables personnel to track UTR/ITR performance while the train is passing.

System benefits


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