Axle counting


ALTPRO axle counters are devices for detection of the train by using inductive rail wheel sensors on the railway line. Axle counters are used in a wide variety of applications and have a role of giving the information about train position. Due to its flexibility, low life cycle costs and additional functionalities, axle counters are increasingly used instead of track circuits worldwide.
ALTPRO offers safe and reliable SIL4 certified axle counting systems which confirmed its quality in various markets and in various applications.

Outdoor equipment

Trackside equipment consists of wheel sensor and its corresponding trackside equipment. ALTPRO offers different variants of axle counters (with more or less trackside equipment) depending on the application and customer wishes. Outdoor equipment is encased in IP certified enclosures for optimal protection and long life.

Indoor equipment

Indoor equipment serves the purpose of analyzing the data provided by the wheel sensor and distributing the correct information in a safe and a reliable way. Evaluation boards which make up the indoor equipment are designed in its entirety in ALTPRO and proved their performance.

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)