Level Crossing Protection

RLC 23 level crossing protection system

RLC23 level crossing protection system is a 2 out of 2 SIL4 certified system. ALTPRO is producing all system components (central device, train detection, barriers and signals) which enables the Customer maximum flexibility. RLC23 is a highly configurable system and can be easily adapted to any requirement set by the Customer.


RLC23 system provides light, sound and/or physical protection to a level crossing site. Its high configurability possibilities are provided through unique PC application - time parameters, the number of outdoor units controlled, different info to be received by the interlocking/AP… RLC23 central device can be adapted to virtually any LED or driver’s signal available on the market. A range of other system functionalities enables RLC23 to meet various requirements.


The system is designed and certified according to standards EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 for the highest safety integrity level SIL4 as well as EN 50125-3 for harsh environmental conditions and EN 50121-4 for EMC. The system is completely assessed and certified by TUV Rheinland.


System maintenance is reduced to standard reviews by the railway personnel and there are not any specific demands. A small number of different modules makes spare parts stock much easier to maintain and manage. Hot swap technology enables exchange of the modules while still in operation. Expandable internal memory offers useful information, which makes maintenance easy and quick.


A wide range of diagnostic data which can be transmitted remotely to the smart phone, tablet or any other device. Automatic text messages can be sent to the mobile phone in case of any disturbance or irregularity in system operation. Event registration can be read locally (UB) or remotely (GSM/3G).


Easy and simple connection to relay, semi electronic and electronic interlockings. Wi-Fi connection to smartphone/tablet in order to gain system status information. Possibility of remote data transition and archiving via CENDIS (Central diagnostics system).

System benefits


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