Train detection system TDR14

Train detection system TDR14

Train detection system TDR14 is a SIL4 certified train detection solution which uses wheel sensors ZK24-2 for detection of the train. The system consists of the indoor TDR14 evaluation unit, wheel sensor and outdoor lightning protection module. It is ideally used as train detection part of a level crossing protection system, for activation or triggering of various systems (HOT BOX, passenger information…).


TDR14 system is using ALTPRO wheel sensor technology for detection of the arriving train. Beside train detection its functionality includes extensive event recording - train passage over each wheel sensor (bidirectional and unidirectional), date, time, speed, train movement direction, number of axles, disturbances / errors etc.


The system is developed, designed and certified according to the CENELEC standards EN 50126, EN 50128, EN50129, for the highest safety integrity level SIL4, as well as EN50125-3 for harsh environmental conditions and according to EN 50121-4 for EMC. TDR14 is assessed and certified by TUV Rheinland.


Indoor TDR14 system simple user interface enables maintenance personnel quick read of codes from the display. Outdoor equipment (sensor and overvoltage protection) requires simple periodic maintenance (parameter check).


TDR14 provides safety relay outputs, direction outputs and transistor/optocoupler outputs whose activation delays are time configurable. Diagnostic interface is also available so that it can be even done remotely.


PC application is available for analyzing the operation of the system. Furthermore, advanced diagnostic mode enables reading of detailed information about train wheel passage and other parameters which influence the sensor.

System benefits


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