INDUSI Systems


„INDUSI based ATP system (cab signalling system) is the most spread ATP system in the world. There are more than 16 000 railway vehicles (Locomotives, EMU’s and DMU’s) and more than 75 000 km od track equipped with INDUSI based ATP. System’s simplicity and cost effectiveness are the main reasons for its distribution on the world map. As one of the world authorities on INDUSI systems, ALTPRO is able to provide both functionally different versions of the system (I60 and PZB90) and also the whole package (infrastructure and vehicle equipment) to any infrastructure manager or railway operator in the world. Also, we are able to provide consulting and studies which will prove the system technical and economical effectiveness.

Infrastructure equipment

Infrastructure part of an INDUSI system is essentially a track balise located in places where it is needed to realise interaction with the train and protect what’s coming next. Those places can be near signals, before stations or terminals or any other place the Customer deems necessary to protect.

Locomotive equipment

The locomotive part consists of locomotive balise and the central device. Locomotive balise is mounted on the train and it interacts with the infrastructure part of the system (track balise). The information then goes to the central unit RAS8385 which evaluates it and decides on further actions.

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)