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Automatic Train Proctection System RAS8385

Automatic train protection system RAS8385 IS is an INDUSI I60 based ATP system. It is designed in order to increase the safety of railway traffic. Altpro ATP system consists of central device RAS8385 IS, locomotive balise, track balises and signalling and operating elements located in the locomotive cabin.


The main function of the system is to initiate automatic braking if the driver doesn’t comply with safety regulations. RAS8385 IS can be additinally complemented with various other functions like dead man’s system, train driver registration, event recording, speed monitoring, wheel lubrication and similar.


Track and locomotive balises are certified in TUV Rheinland according to EN norms 50121-3, 50121-4, and 50125-3. RAS8385 IS is tested and certified according to EN 50155, EN 50121-3 and EN61373.


As a user friendly system, maintenance is made to be as simple and safe as possible. Fault diagnosis and system check are done via dedicated diagnostic application. Additionally, peripheral units have their own test devices – speedometer is tested by SB18 testing unit and locomotive balise is tested by LMI18.


RAS8385 IS is connected to the vehicle locomotive installation via two industrial grade connectors separate pneumatic input for main brake line is available.


System analytics is done via dedicated PC application.

System benefits


ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)