Event Recording System RSS

RSS is a data recording and safety device which records and archives data about train movement and can be used to determine a cause of an eventual incident. Also, RSS can extend its features with dead man’s system (SIFA) or wheel flange lubricating system. The system is encased in a standard 19“ inch rack so it can be implemented easily on the railway vehicle.


RSS system's basic functionality is event recording. Furthermore, its functionality can be extended by the dead man's system or wheel flange lubricating system. It has different analogue and digital inputs/outputs which enable flexibility in the functioning of the system.


RSS is certified according to EN 50155 (Rolling stock/Electronic equipment), EN 45545-2 (Fire protection), EN 50121-3-2 (Electromagnetic compatibility) and EN 61373 (Shock and vibration).


During the exploitation, the device requires no maintenance. Periodical reviews are recommended but not mandatory.


RSS features basic and optional connectivity abilities.


All recorded data can be analyzed using a provided software tool. The appearance of the data is configurable (charts, tables, different color schemes…).

System benefits

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