SIFA - Dead man’s control system

SIFA - Dead man’s control system

SIFA is a Dead man’s control system which is designed for all kinds of rail vehicles and consists of the control unit (UDB1 – stanalone or UD19 – evaluation board), the foot switch (UP1 or UP1-D) and the three-tone sound indicator (ZS24, ZS72, ZS110).


The function of the system is to control the alertness of the locomotive driver. In case that the driver, for whatever reason, is not alert, light and sound signals are produced and eventually the braking process is initiated.


The system is designed according to EN50155, EN 50121-3 and EN 61373, as well as UIC 641, IEC 571, IEC 571-1, IEC 571-2.


All system components are made to be durable because of their placement in the locomotive cabin and do not require any regular maintenance.


Central part of the system (Dead Man’s Electronic Control unit UDB1) is connected to the locomotive via 16 pole connector (DIN41622).

System benefits – Dead Man's Electronic Control Unit UDB1/UDB19

System benefits – Foot Switches type UP1/UP1-D

System benefits - Three Tone Sound Indicator ZS24/ZS72/ZS110


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