ALTPRO signed two contracts with KONČAR – Electric Vehicles

10. September 2021.

The company ALTPRO signed two very significant contracts last month with the leading Croatian manufacturer of rail vehicles, the company KONČAR – Electric Vehicles. The company KONČAR – Electric Vehicles develops, manufactures, repairs and overhauls electric multiple units, tramways and electric locomotives. Both contracts relate to the delivery of ALTPRO’s onboard equipment for automatic train protection (ATP) system.

The first contract defines the delivery of 21 sets of onboard equipment for 21 electric multiple units produces by KONČAR – Electric Vehicles for Croatian Railways – Passenger Transport. Each set of the onboard equipment includes a central unit of the RAS8385 IS type, as well as all peripheral equipment for vehicles.

The second contract defines the delivery of one set of onboard equipment for one railcar for track maintenance, which the company KONČAR – Electric Vehicles is building for Croatian Railways – Infrastructure. This set of the onboard equipment contains the central unit of the newly developed ATP device RAS90 type, as well as all peripheral equipment for vehicles. This new device RAS90 is fully developed by the company ALTPRO. It operates on the I60 principle as well as on the PZB90 principle which are based and developed with the experience gained through long-term use. The RAS90 complies with the latest European (EU) technical and safety requirements.

ATP device RAS90

It should be mentioned that the final customers in both cases are Croatian railway companies that have recognized the quality, reliability and other advantages of ALTPRO’s products in the field of railway safety. These two contracts will ensure the stability of ALTPRO’s business in the future and strengthen ALTPRO’s presence and references in the market.


ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)