ALTPRO partner of the LUMEN Engineering student competition

14. January 2022.

As part of the grand opening of the LUMEN Engineering competition, a panel discussion was held in which ALTPRO participated as one of the partners of the competition.

The official opening of the largest educational competition for students organized by the student association eSTUDENT was held in the cinema hall of the Student Center. LUMEN is a platform consisting of four competitions in the fields of Business, Data Science, Engineering and Development.

LUMEN Engineering, formerly „Elektroboj“, is a competition in the development of practical solutions in the field of electrical engineering and is the only such competition in the Republic of Croatia. The goal is to encourage students to independently develop creative solutions that need to be implemented in the form of an electronic system.

The LUMEN Engineering student competition was opened with a panel discussion in which this year’s competition partners participated. The head of the R&D Department of ALTPRO, together with other panelists, gave answers to questions related to the company’s cooperation with students, current trends in the field of electrical engineering, and a review of this year’s competition topics.

This year’s topics of LUMEN Engineering are:

  • Electromechanical Orchestra: make an electromechanical instrument from existing (recycled) components
  • 3,2,1 LEMI: make a device with a maximum of 14 pins

During the competition, educational workshops and lectures related to current events in the world of electrical engineering were organized. The end of the competition brings valuable prizes for the first three places and also provides an opportunity for students to meet and possibly recommend from a partner for a future career.

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)