ALTPRO at the Workshop on Embedded Systems

17. December 2021.

ALTPRO participated in the WES workshop held from 13 to 21 December at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing as a gold sponsor, together with Ericsson and Rimac.

Workshop on Embedded Systems (WES) is a technical workshop organized by the student association EESTEC LC Zagreb, and accepts 30 students with an interest in the field of embedded systems. The topic of this year’s sixth edition of the workshop is “Designing an embedded system using microcontrollers and CAD tools”. Students encounter problems that engineers face in practice, upgrade their theoretical knowledge and improve the acquired knowledge on a practical task in order to better prepare for work in a real environment.

At the opening of WES, ALTPRO Board Member Tin Viduka gave a presentation on the company, and a lecture on “Why the railway is cool to FER students” was given by colleagues from the Research and Development Department and the Project Department. The lecture focused on the experience in the development of electronics, software, installation and field work, as well as projects on infrastructure and vehicles in general.

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)