ALTPRO at the „INOVA 2021“ innovation fair

19. October 2021.

ALTPRO participated at the INOVA innovation fair from 13 to 16 October 2021, where it exhibited the new RAS90 automatic train protection system. INOVA is a traditional national exhibition of innovations that has been regularly gathering, encouraging and presenting thousands of Croatian and hundreds of foreign innovations to the public since 1971, ie for 50 years.

The RAS90 automatic train protection system, an ATP system based on the INDUSI PZB90, is designed to increase rail safety. The main function of the system is to initiate automatic braking if the driver doesn’t comply with safety regulations. The RAS90 continuously monitors train speed and does not allow overspeeding at any point during the track.

ALTPRO recently certified the product and signed a contract with Stadler to equip 42 trains in the United Kingdom with the RAS90 ATP system.

ALTPRO won the following awards at this jubilee 50th innovation exhibition:

  • INOVA Gold medal
  • INOVA Special award: Land, Sea and Air Transport
  • ITE Gold award (International Invention & Trade Expo London)

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)