ALTPRO launched a new website

12. March 2021.

As part of a whole new digital footprint that has been prepared in detail over the last few months, ALTPRO has launched a new website. As a leader in innovation and high technology in the field of safety in the railway industry, ALTPRO’s mission of the new digital footprint is to keep pace with changes in the field of modern technologies and digital communication channels.


The new website reflects ALTPRO values through innovation, quality and excellence and provides visitors with all the necessary information in one place. The website is user-friendly and contains a lot of new features, easier navigation and a great new design. It is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices and tablets making it easy to use. Coupled with a fresh design, the website provides an enhanced interactive experience, allowing the required information to be found faster and easier. Visitors can browse the website based on their own interests, learn more about the company, products and their applications and follow the latest news and events, but also have the opportunity to get acquainted with brand new content contained in the form of a Blog, Career page, etc.

A short journey through the website:

  • Company – learn more about the company, its story through history, global presence and strategic partnerships, certifications and awards
  • Products – information about products and services through 4 categories: Signaling systems, Automatic train protection, Signalling integration, Cloud based diagnostics
  • Applications – a clear overview of „how“ and „where“ systems and products are used
  • Career – a completely new design and content of the page Career shows what it is like to work in ALTPRO through photos and experiences of the department, benefits and blogs and open job vacancies
  • News – read the latest news about the company and events, as well as the slightly older ones from archive for those who want to know more about ALTPRO’s happenings in recent years
  • Contact – for those who want to know where ALTPRO is and get in touch
  • Blog – the latest content on the website that brings interesting, less formal stories in the category “ALTPRO team” and “Our stories” and professional articles in the category “Solutions

The new website is full of information and new interesting content, and as such is a solid foundation for a new digital footprint, which is followed by ALTPRO social networks.


ALTPRO uses social networks as excellent communication channels that enable efficient interaction with its followers and fast exchange of information. Follow ALTPRO on the pages:

  • Facebook – emphasis on news and events, as well as the ALTPRO team, culture and interesting posts
  • Linkedin – with news and press, emphasis on business, projects, products
  • YouTube – ALTPRO videos about the company and products and media reports

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)