European Year of Rail 2021

4. January 2021.

European Parliament and Council have declared 2021 the European Year of Rail. The year will feature a series of initiatives – such as dedicated events, exhibitions and campaigns – to promote rail as the most sustainable, innovative and safest mode of transport, as well as support the achievement of the 2050 climate goals set out in the European Green Deal.

Rail is green and sustainable

The goal for Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 was announced at the end of 2019 as part of the European Green Deal. Two steps towards climate neutrality include increasing railway electrification and the use of renewable energy sources.

Rail emits far less CO2 than equivalent travel by road or air. It accounts for only 0.4 % of EU greenhouse gas emissions, while all EU transport accounts for 25% of total EU emissions. It is the only means of transport that has consistently reduced its emissions and energy consumption between 1990-2017, and increasingly used renewable energy sources.

ALTPRO’s contribution to 2021 Year of rail

„The Year of Rail is also our opportunity to raise awareness and promote the railway as a sustainable, innovative, safe, comfortable and affordable means of transport. In 2021, our main focus is on innovation and modernization of the industry to make it as attractive and productive as possible, while meeting safety standards of course. We believe that this investment is well worth it – for the future of Europe and the world in which we live!“ emphasized Marketing Director of ALTPRO, Tin Viduka.

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)