Working meeting with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

19. October 2020.

At the working meeting, President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Luka Burilović and the Director of ALTPRO Zvonimir Viduka discussed the signing of contracts with the railways in India and how the Croatian Chamber of Commerce can help exporters and entrepreneurs.

The Indian railway network is huge because trains are the main transport for more than a billion inhabitants and the railway network is longer than 64 thousand kilometers. Viduka emphasized that they had been trying to break into the Indian market for 15 years, which is worth around 2.5 billion euros in their industry, and revealed a recipe for export success. “A Croatian product must be innovative and rare in order to be successfully exported. The detectors we have developed for monorail trains are unique in the world, they are not produced by anyone else. So we need to specialize closely and be the best at something. That is our philosophy, that in the three niches we deal with – we will be the best in the world, and not have a thousand products that are not sold”, Viduka explained.

ALTPRO – a guidepost for others

“Our companies tend to focus on close and familiar markets. This is understandable because it somewhat reduces business risk, but as the famous saying goes – who does not risk, does not profit – so playing it safe often reduces the potential for profit and development. ALTPRO there can be a signpost for everyone else. They work all over the world and that is exactly their strength, and with their knowledge and experience they can help other Croatian companies that have serious export ambitions”, said Luka Burilović.

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)