Supply contract signed with HŽ Passenger Transport

11. September 2017.

On September 11th 2017, supply contract for the AUTOSTOP system for railway vehicles owned by HŽ Passenger Transport was signed.
The contract is signed by the Director of HŽ Passenger Transport Mr. Željko Ukić and the director of the company ALTPRO Zvonimir Viduka. The contract is financed from the loan of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. (IBRD)

Considering the changes to the Croatian Railway Safety and Interoperability Act, which states that until July 1st of 2018 automatic train protection system should be installed on all railway vehicles operating on the Croatian railway network, the equipment will be installed on the remaining 48 traction vehicles of which 10 are maneuver locomotives 2132 series, 28 diesel-motor trains 7122 series and 10 diesel motor trains 7121 series.

For the first 10 vehicles the equipment will be acquired in 30 days and the delivery deadline for the last vehicle is 180 days. Works on the installation of the equipment will be performed by the HŽPP subsidiary Technical Services of the Railway Vehicles d.o.o.

The company ALTPRO made its AUTOSTOP technology systems and their parts successfully marketed in a number of countries such as Canada, Indonesia, Israel, Turkey, UK, Austria and southeast Europe while negotiations with other countries are in progress.

The company ALTPRO is in the final stages of building its development and innovation center where safety systems for railway vehicles will be developed and produced. It is planned to open 75 new workplaces in the new development and innovation center.

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