We participated in the B2B run race in Zagreb

3. October 2019.

We participated, for the first time, in the B2B Run in Zagreb. This largest business race is being run in the capital for the fifth time, and more than 8,000 runners from 448 companies gathered on Lake Jarun, who together ran more than 40,000 kilometers.

The focus of this sports and business event is not only sports, but primarily entertainment, socializing, team building and other aspects important for business success. The excitement could be felt from the very start, where the runners had great fun with music and dance, and during the race itself where they supported and cheered for each other. Dancing and good fun were not reserved only for the start, great fun continued after the race on the Universiade island where the runners refreshed and rested, and after the awards ceremony they danced in a great atmosphere.

ALTPRO Team counted 13 runners who showed their excellent form and successfully completed the race. Our best ranked place in the total number of runners was 514th thanks to a colleague who overcame 5000 meters in just 22 minutes. Congratulations to all ALTPRO runners with the note that next time we are counting on an even larger number of participants!

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)