Celebrating our 25th birthday

21. June 2019.

We officially marked 25 year anniversary of work during which we grew from five employees in the Technology Park of Zagreb into a company of 150 employees that exports its innovations in the field of railway signaling and safety to almost 50 countries.

Our most active markets are in Southeast Europe and Southeast Asia, where we have been one of the largest Croatian exporters for many years. The opening of large markets in China and India is the crown of previous efforts to penetrate this very important part of the world in terms of traffic, where we are already working on concrete projects.

With new investments in the last two years, we have become the largest manufacturer of railway safety equipment in Southeast Europe and in the beginning of June we were awarded the “Golden Key“, the award of the Croatian Exporters Association, for the most innovative exporter in 2018.

On that occasion, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy Mario Antonić pointed out that Altpro is an example of how things in Croatian industry should look like. “Altpro is a generator of those values ​​that the Ministry of Economy especially promotes – investments, innovations, industry and exports,” he said, adding that we are also an example of a company that knows how to use the ministry’s incentives and EU funds.

Looking back on the past 25 years, our director Zvonimir Viduka said that everyone always asks what this complicated word Altpro means. “And it’s very simple – to make alternative products, what others don’t do. And we do that today – we do what others don’t do and what makes as little competition as possible.” He also stressed the importance of innovation, industry, investment and exports “Innovation and investment in employee development have remained the foundation of the company’s development and make it globally competitive and ready for all market challenges.”

And we are only 25!

ALTPRO history 1985 – 2015
ALTPRO history 2015 – 2020

ALTPRO in the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF)