ALTPRO and SIGMA RAIL – first fully approved axle counters Vendor in India

27. April 2021.

ALTPRO and its Indian partner SIGMA RAIL have officially become the first fully approved axle counter Vendors in Indian Railways according to the latest technical specification. SIGMA RAIL and ALTPRO jointly introduced BO23 axle counter to Indian market in 2018., having successfully done all the needed tests and obtained all the necessary approval certificates as developmental sources in 2019.

Considering the timeline, BO23 axle counter was the last of the current axle counters which was adopted by the Indian Railways for the list of Developmental Orders where all the other OEM’s currently still stand. As of 21st of April 2021. ALTPRO and SIGMA RAIL are the one and only fully approved Vendors according to the latest specification of the Indian Railways. This gives them a competitive advantage in the Indian market. This phenomenal success is attributed to the exceptional efforts put in by Sigma’s MD and co owner Mr. Prateek Bhalotia and continuous support from Altpro team Mr. Darko Barisic and Mr. Tin Viduka.

Indian Railways are one of the most propulsive railway networks in the world with more than 120 000 km of rail and continuous growth. Approximately 7000 stations across the network serve more than 13 million passengers daily. According to the „Vision 2024“ India will become one of the biggest market for signalling systems in the world.